CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems

Your Peace of Mind

Whether we like it or not an increase in unemployment goes hand in hand with an increase in crime. The events of this year have only added to this situation. A lot of people keep their head in the sand thinking they won’t be burgled but the national statistics tell a different story. Complacency just gives the scum bags a  reason to visit. So, what do we need to do to give us peace of mind when we are not at home? Install a CCTV system.

There are many brands available today, and they all say that they have the latest and greatest technology on board.  Most of them are wired systems but there are some wireless options as well. So how do you know which is a good system to install? First and foremost, do some online research to see what is available and read the online forums to see what other people have thought.

When it comes to brands a very good starting point would be the Dahua Technology products, and its consumer brand known as Imou. Both of these provide some great choices in terms of features and functionality. In simplistic terms, Dahua is a wired system and Imou is a wireless solution. So which brand should you choose?


» You are building a new home or commercial building and can pre-wire a cat6 cable from the NVR location to each camera location.

» You have an existing home or commercial building, and while it may not be easy, you can get a cat6 cable from the NVR location to each camera location.

» The environment is not friendly to a wireless signal e.g. lots of walls between the wireless router and each camera, lots of steel structure, machines creating harmonics/noise etc.


» You have a very good wireless network in the house, or small commercial building, with good signal strength at every camera location.

» It is impossible to get a cat6 cable to the camera location. Be aware that majority of these cameras need a 12VDC power supply.

» You need an easy to set up system that can be installed very quickly. Just put the App on your phone, set up your account, and away you go.

Both solutions have motion detection configurations. Turn it on in the App and receive push notifications when someone or something moves past the camera. If you are using a Dahua NVR you have the onboard HDD storage to capture the events.

With the Imou cameras you have 3 choices of storage. A wireless NVR with on-board HDD storage, an SD card in the camera, or the Imou Cloud Storage Subscription Service.

New Zealand is now entering into a major recession, which is expected to last for the next few years. Which means the electrical contractor needs to look at new opportunities to keep their business ahead of the competition. The days of relying on cable, plastics and switchgear are over. How many electrical contractors have had their van broken into? They of all people should be upselling camera systems every day of the week to their customer base.

For all the best advice call into your local Powerbase Branch and speak to someone about the best options available. They supply and support both the Dahua and Imou brands. See the Dahua and Imou options available in the branch.

P.S. The question gets asked from time to time about the need to have a security license. Please visit the Ministry of Justice web site for more information at