Under Pressure

This ‘dual- purpose’ practice drill will help you to check whether or not you are making a sufficient weight-shift on your backswing but will also just as importantly teach you the correct movement to initiate your downswing.

It’s a very simple, almost ‘fool-proof’ exercise. Initially it is more productive to perform this drill without hitting balls but you must still ensure that your practice swings are deliberate.

99.9 % of golfers will have the item required to perform this practice drill attached to their golf bag.

  • Take your bag towel and fold it so that it is 8 layers thick – see pic 1.
  • Lay it on the ground in a position that is intended to be where your front foot is placed.
  • Assume your set-up position so that your front foot stands on the towel – then, distribute your weight between both feet as you normally would – see pic 2.
  • Make your backswing – you should feel the pressure under your front foot lighten as you complete your backswing so that the towel has had a chance to ‘fluff’ back to its 8 layer thickness – see pics 3 and 4 – If you haven’t shifted your weight to load your backswing correctly and the downward pressure onto the towel is the same as it was before you began your movement, then it is likely that you are either:
  1. ‘Excessively-pivoting’ your shoulders in the backswing movement or
  2. You have swung the club beyond horizontal thus creating a ‘reverse pivot’.
  • Once you have managed to achieve the correct weightshift on the backswing = (lessened downward pressure through the front foot) begin your downswing motion by re-applying some ‘downward pressure’ through that same lead foot to once again compress the towel. This movement triggers your weight to shift towards the target and assists in creating the correct angle of attack into the back of the ball – see pic 5.
  • Once you have initiated the correct ‘slightly-compressing’ downswing move, simply rotate your hips and shoulders through to a full finish position – see pic 6.