The Coin Stack

Easy does it…

This article details a very simple practice drill that will improve the tempo and fluidity of your putting stroke especially the transition from backstroke to through-stroke.

I see many amateurs initiating their putting stroke with a jerky motion. Unfortunately this jerky motion can cause a myriad of faults but most importantly it diminishes the ability to apply the correct tempo and timing to the putt.

I like to teach my pupils to accelerate the putter into impact on the through stroke but to be able to do this consistently and apply the correct pace to the putt the length of the backstroke needs to be measured. If the backstroke movement is jerky it is more difficult to control the desired length of back swing.

You will need three 50 cent coins for this practice drill.

  • Find a straight 5 foot putt on the practice green.
  • Place the three 50 cent coins on top of one another and position them on the putter as shown in photographs 1 and 2 (depending on what type of putter closest matches your own)
  • Try and make putting strokes where on the backstroke and forward-stroke the coins stay in position until impact. If you make a jerky motion to initiate your putting action the coins will move or fall off and if the transition between your backstroke and forward motion is too jerky they will also be dislodged from their position. I want you to try and retain the coins in position until your putter makes contact with the ball.