Engine Body

Clubhead speed is generated from the body, not the arms. The following practice drill will ensure that you create your power using the big muscles of the body.

  • Take your set-up/address position with a 7 iron
  • Make your normal backswing but on the downswing stop before impact ( Picture 1)
  • If you have stopped the club head a few inches or more from the golf ball, manipulate it so that it is flush behind the ball (pic 2)
  • From here the objective is to complete your downswing and drag the golf ball into the air. If you are an arms and hands swinger, you will struggle at first to propel the golf ball forwards and upwards from this position. (Pic 3)
  • Once you start moving the club from this position with your body, arms and hands together, you will begin to have some success in propelling the golf ball forward and upwards (pic 4 shows the ball moving forward and beginning to climb)

This drill will encourage you to turn fully through the ball on the downswing.