The Solar Opportunity

For Your Business…

As kiwis we are always looking at ways to be innovative, look for new opportunities and grow our businesses. But adding a new dimension to your client offering can often be costly and risky, especially in the current environment that we are operating in.

We are all aware that Solar is an industry that is growing exponentially, you don’t have to look hard to see new solar systems appearing on roofs in your neighborhood daily. We want to help our customers enter this growth market easily, confidently, and competently.

How big is solar in NZ?

As of June 2020, New Zealand has 124+ MW of grid-connected solar power on the network. The Industry according to EA data in the past 12 months has installed 2930 solar systems this equates to around 23mW!

  • Solar is one of the fastest growing industries globally.
  • Over 240 solar systems are being installed each month in NZ.
  • Only 1.18% of homes and businesses in New Zealand have solar installed.
  • NZ is set to see significant growth within the solar industry; needing to double its electricity generation by 2050 to decarbonise the economy.
  • The NZ government has set up a US$69 million finance company to accelerate investment in distributed energy generation and electric vehicles.
  • Virtual Power Plants (VPP) are now on the horizon in NZ, set to revolutionise the traditional generation model.

What are the Benefits of adding Solar to your Business with Powerbase?

  • The ability to offer solar as a product and renewable energy as a service to your existing clients
  • Increase your bottom line with renewable energy
  • Retain your customer base, keep the out of town contractors away from you valuable clients
  • Upskill and grow your team’s capability, a diverse catalogue of work is proven to retain valuable team members
  • Ability to access quality solar products for your clients and have the capability to install solar correctly

How do you get started?

Your new or continuing journey into the solar industry will be supported by your local Powerbase members store with the technical support and training from New Zealand’s leading solar trainers to provide you with sales, mechanical and electrical training from a real-world perspective and not a textbook. This training will mean you can be confident in front of your clients when discussing options design and costs and have the knowledge to competently install solar with the precision it needs.

Powerbase has partnered with a leading Kiwi owned and operated solar specialist who provides the Powerbase members with global leading products and industry relevant training.

Powerbase members are now positioned to offer you premier solar products and AC and DC solar kits designed by solar experts. All Solar products are supplied by global leading brands such as Canadian Solar, Fimer, Enphase and S5 to name a few. These global leading products are matched to New Zealand’s climate and conditions.

I am sure that your clients have been asking you more and more questions about solar over the past few years, and now your Powerbase member local store is your pathway to a sustainable solar business, providing you with the best platform of right advice, right products, the right industry specific training, and ongoing technical support.

Start your solar journey the right way, to know more contact your local Powerbase members store.

Article written by Lloyd Bennett, Telfer Electrical