Olimpia Splendid

For more than 60 years, Olimpia Splendid has been designing and manufacturing air conditioners, heaters, air purifiers and hydronic systems in Italy. These unique and innovative products have underpinned the company’s international expansion. Today you will find Olimpia Splendid products in more than 45 countries, including Australia and New Zealand where our products perfectly suit the region’s diverse climatic conditions.

Unico by Olimpia Splendid

Unico Pro is a wall-mounted air conditioner with no external unit. By eliminating the need for a bulky outdoor motor, Unico Pro dramatically improves the look of external walls and generates far less noise.  Designed and made in Italy with typical European style, it features a modern inverter and low-noise operation. Unico Pro can be controlled from either the intuitive onboard backlit touchscreen display or the full-function remote control.

With a 3 speed fan to provide air circulation, the Unico Pro has both a cooling and heating mode.

A dehumidifier function is also available which reduces the humidity in the room and is particularly useful between seasons.

The optional wi-fi/Bluetooth kit extends the Unico Pro’s capability for use with smartphones.

With inverter technology, Unico Air Inverter can potentially save you up to 30% of energy as compared with non-inverter products.

The Unico Pro’s body is well enclosed and lined with high-level sound absorbing material.