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Powerbase – The team to support your team!

Powerbase is made up of six independent and specialist electrical wholesalers which have joined together under the Powerbase banner to give their customers the maximum buying power of a major group.

For over 35 years, the unique combination of experience, expertise and passion has made Powerbase one of New Zealand’s most successful nationwide electrical wholesaler groups.

With 45 outlets nationwide, all with a strong commitment to deliver, there is a Powerbase business within easy reach of every electrical construction or installation projects.

Powerbase’s success lies in customers dealing directly with Powerbase business owners. Every Powerbase business is 100% New Zealand-owned and operated, with an unwavering focus on customer needs.   The freedom of a Powerbase business to make instant decisions is unique in the electrical wholesale sector and empowers the owner to tailor personalised and innovative supply solutions for individual customers.

Powerbase is dedicated to bringing you the most competitive trading arrangements.  Our stocking levels are amongst the highest in the New Zealand electrical industry with each business carrying a greater range of local and international brands and volume of stock. Unencumbered by centralised supply hubs or third party supply channels,  each owner deals directly with key suppliers in genuine long-term partnerships – loyalty that has secured the strong supply support for the Group that is critical to meeting our customers’ needs.

The independence of Powerbase businesses delivers another industry-leading attribute, too: owners are free to staff their businesses with industry-experienced and qualified professionals who share their passion and commitment to the sector. Skill levels within Powerbase are extremely high, with industry-qualified specialists in lighting, HVAC, industrial controls, security and data and communications.

Powerbase customers enjoy industry-leading initiatives including the Powerbase Powerpoints customer rewards scheme, among the first customer rewards schemes, and still the most comprehensive loyalty programme in the electrical industry.

Powerbase’s independent Kiwi owners also take pride in getting involved in all aspects of their local community life — whether it’s supporting a local sports team or school, or funding younger staff at Outward Bound development courses, Powerbase is an active part of the community in which it operates.

It’s all about putting something back — Kiwi-owned businesses proud to operate in the Kiwi way.

Powerbase History

Kiwi History in the making

It was 35 years ago that a group of independent electrical wholesalers sat down in Taupo to set the framework for New Zealand’s largest independent electrical wholesale group.

The idea of a group of independently-owned and operated businesses — all competitors with one another —  planning to work together under a single marketing brand was novel, but the Independent Electrical Merchants Association (IEMA] was formed, and with it was born a business strategy to grow members’ market shares and boost their leverage with suppliers.

Five years later the IEMA adopted the Powerbase concept to better reflect members’ core electrical supply businesses and create a more effective marketing tool through brand recognition.

For 34 years, individual Powerbase companies and their clients have continued to benefit enormously from the strong unity of this extraordinarily effective and innovative marketing arm.

A significant early achievement was the Powerpoints loyalty scheme, which works so effectively it has become a recognised industry benchmark. Simplicity, flexibility and genuine value-added rewards continue to be key factors of the Powerpoints loyalty programme.

Yet another first was the launch of the Powerbase Marketplace magazine which has now been in publication for 30 years. In that time, it has grown significantly from a basic factsheet to today’s professional multi-page presentation.

The success of Powerbase is based on a blueprint of core business values, drafted at that meeting 35 years ago, which underpins every Powerbase business today.

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